Told from the perspective of Sofia, a queer woman discovering and asserting who she is as a young adult, THE WAY THINGS END is a poetic short film about two friends who are coming to terms with the painful truth that a shift in perspective can sometimes end a friendship. We hear Sofia's emotional response to the friendship breakup, as she reflects on the conflict that has come between her and Isabel, her former ride-or-die; this internal voice is filled with sadness, guilt and confusion. Gradually Sofia begins to remember parts of the friendship that were good and honest, as she finds a new perspective; forgiveness.  

About Director


Anna Fredrikke Bjerke is a director and filmmaker from Oslo, Norway. She holds an interdisciplinary B.A. from Central Saint Martins and an M.A. from New York University, where she self-directed her curriculum to focus on the intersectionality of film and gender politics. She is an alumnus of Mediefabrikken's Directing Initiative for Women and its Directing Program. She is currently working on her first feature film while continuing to pursue short form projects, and will make her debut directing for theatre later this year.