During a therapy session, a young woman struggles to vocalize the source of her depression stemming from heartache. She embarks on a tender journey inside her mind, with the desert serving as the stage for poetic confrontation. Through dream-like vignettes, the film weaves together her struggle to balance gender, sexuality, and identity.

About director


Becca Park is a director and producer based in Los Angeles, who is always searching for authentic ways to share untold stories. Originally from Boston, she went to New York University where she organically found her way to film at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study; there, she centered her concentration at the intersection of mental health, personal narrative, the arts, and the power of creative expression. She has been a full-time producer for major companies like Bain & Company and Disney, and is currently a Creative Producer for Branded Content at BuzzFeed. Outside of her day job and at her core, she remains committed to creating collaborative spaces and projects for POC artists and womxn. She's a big fan of bodies of water, hearty laughs, and tender hugs.