With the hope of attaining a four college degree, Gloria makes a decision to move from a sleepy country town to the city with her two young children. While attempting to build a solid foundation, her family is devastated when her 15 year old daughter shares that she has been sexual abused by their parish priest. Thirty years later, she sits with her daughter and examines how the abuse of her daughter at the hands of the local parish priest impacted her life. They discuss motherhood, decisions, life and spirituality. Through a frank conversation, a mother and daughter get to know each other and reimagine their relationship.

about director


Angelique Webster is a filmmaker and educator. She graduated from Lincoln University in 1996 and received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2018. Since 2003, she has worked with community members  to use media as a tool to share their stories and the importance of media literacy. Angelique has recently finished her first short film entitled “Respect and Love”. She lives in Worcester, MA with her wife Isabel and 2 year old daughter Vivian.