System of Supremacy

Running time: 89 min 19 sec


The archaic structures of white hegemony continue to reign through inequality, injustice, and vigilante violence.  But a rumble can be heard on the horizon. In the wake of a mutiny, the anxiety over shifting powers is at a fever pitch. The system will not yield without a fight, but the oppressed and their allies are too eager to stop now.

Meet me at the underpass, rebellion is on her way.
— Leanne Betasamosake Simpon

After fall

Running time: 3 min 19 sec
Directed by Kelly Sears

Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes)

Running time: 19 min
Directed by Amanda Strong


Running time: 50 mins
Directed by Soda_Jerk


Clinton Street Theatre
2522 SE Clinton St,
Portland, OR 97202


Friday, March 29th


$ 9.00 / $ 7.00

Tara Johnson-Medinger