Running time: 82 mins

Once I get the scene set up, I got the place, I got the characters, I’ve got the environment. Then I want to get that feeling out of me. Some situation, some experience some idea, some feeling that has real pain connected to it.
— Kathleen Collins

An Act Of Love

Running time: 13 mins
Directed by Lucy Knox


Running time: 8 min 16 sec
Directed by Maya Armon

Fran This Summer

Running time: 9 mins
Directed by Mary Evangelista

The Way Things End

Running time: 5 mins
Directed by Anna Fredrikke Bjerke

The Fisherwoman

Running time: 11 mins
Directed by Lorena Duran

The Field

Running time: 19 mins
Directed by Sandhya Suri

God Never Dies

Running time: 14 min 27 sec
Directed by Barbara Cigarroa

Falling Up

Running time: 13 mins
Directed by Chelsie Preston Crayford


Hollywood Theatre
4122 NE Sandy Blvd,
Portland, OR 97212


Friday, March 30th


$ 9.00 / $ 7.00