Running time: 83 mins

There are so many things I find in the world that are compelling that exist: Questions I want to respond to, issues I want to explore, problems I want to figure out, and some how documentary is this incredible elastic medium that allows you to reflect on and engage in things that are happening in the real world in a way that is creative. I just think there is no better combination than a way of bringing those things together.
— Jennifer Baichwal

Fast Horse

Running time: 13 mins
Directed by Alexandra Lazarowich

Ebb Tide

Running time: 15 mins
Directed by Vivian Rivas

Brother, Move On

Running time: 8 mins
Directed by Antshi Von Moos

Liquor Store Babies

Running time: 5 min
Directed by So Yun Um

Respect & Love

Running time: 15 mins
Directed by Angelique Webster

Gloria’s Call

Running time: 17 mins
Directed by Cheri Gaulke

All Inclusive

Running time: 10 mins
Directed by Corina Schwingruber Ilić


Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton St,
Portland, OR 97202


Sunday, March 31st


$ 9.00 / $ 7.00