Los Silencios

Directed by Beatriz Seigner

It’s a slow-going work at first, but one that bewitches by degrees, softening up the viewer with
entrancing visuals to ensure the last-act emotional sucker punch lands with maximum force.
— The Hollywood Reporter

Nuria, 12, Fabio, 9, and their mother Amparo arrive in a small island in the middle of Amazonia, at the border of Brazil, Colombia and Peru. They ran away from the Colombian armed conflict in which their father disappeared. One day, he reappears in their new house. The family is haunted by this strange secret and discovers the island is peopled with ghosts.

...audiences who manage to see it will likely find the experience artistically and spiritually nourishing.
— Variety

About director


Beatriz Seigner is a Brazilian screenwriter and Director. In 2009, she directed Bollywood Dream, first co-production between Brazil and India, which has been selected in over 20 international film festivals (Busan, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, São Paulo...). Los silencios is her 2nd feature.

Beatriz has also directed a documentary, currently in post-production, Between Us, A Secret, about African griots, co-written with Walter Salles, La contadora de películas.

This ambiguous tension between life, death and whatever lies in between makes bittersweet
poetry of the film’s gently twisting final act: After an over-deliberate start, Seigner balances
social realism and shivery paranormal activity with arresting, uncontrived ease.
— Variety


Clinton Street Theatre
2522 SE Clinton St,
Portland, OR 97202


Friday, March 29th


$ 9.00 / $ 7.00