Liquor Store Babies explores the intersecting lives of two friends and their fathers, each of whom own Liquor stores amidst the unpredictable backdrop of Los Angeles. Director and star So Yun Um pulls from true-life experience, contrasting two sides of the same coin. As the lives of So, Danny, and their parents begin to diverge, their differences only work to strengthen their bonds. What follows is a candid and real look at how the lives and dreams of liquor store owners and their children are cyclical and ever connected to one another.

About director


So Yun Um is a Korean-American Film Critic, Programmer and Filmmaker, born and based in Los Angeles. She explores the intimate stories of marginalized people through her poetic visual language and poignant editing style.  She runs the film website & YouTube channel, So’s Reel Thoughts, which highlights international, independent, and genre films. She has programmed and has been affiliated with various film festivals like the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, LA Film Fest, AFI FEST and more. She is also part of the Women Film Critics Circle.