"Always Coming Home

A white dog with blue eyes, returning home when old.

A people at home in the left coast wilds as the animals they are. Some half human.

North Owl, half person, raised by a woman of the matriarchal Valley, fathered by a passing Condor warrior.

She said to me, 'I am here'.

Little Bear Woman, Ursula. Leaping over and through, negative as positive, dreaming our flooded future's past.

Lullabies on wings soaring forward. Ravens slowly spinning, slicing, a dance suspended. To go is to return.”

About director


Vanessa Olivia Renwick is an artist of Scottish and German descent, born on the traditional and unceded territory of the Illiniwek in what is now known as Chicago, Illinois.  She lives and works as an uninvited guest on the traditional territory of the Chinookan peoples, now known as Portland, Oregon.