Fran This Summer is about teenage love birds, sensitive Francis and skater girlfriend Angie, as they spend the summer shacked up at home while Fran begins their transition. Fran and Angie must face who and what they mean to each other when they make their way to the beach and their love is on display for the world to see. The story is about acceptance and the sacrifice one makes for love and ultimately self-love. For me, what is fascinating about first love is the immensity of love one feels for the other and how sometimes it is impossible to be with them on their journey of growth and self actualization despite all that love--these nuances are what I wanted to explore and dramatize in my film.



Mary is an NYC based Director, Cinematographer, and Producer. She blurs the lines between personal drama, fantasy, and fiction ever since she got hold of her first 16mm camera as a teenager. Starting with filming her brother's dalliances into the drag queer world of San Francisco all the way to shooting an underground night-club in Shanghai or a romantic drama in Uganda for other directors. Mary received her MFA at NYU Tisch School of the Arts for Writing and Directing where she was the recipient of the prestigious Tisch Graduate Fellowship for Cinematography and a Wasserman Finalist for her short film called Ina Nyo. With her work, she pursues distinct and transformative stories full of bullish heart and levity.