Femme Queen Chronicles is a web-series about the lives of four black trans women as they navigate through love, life, trade, and shade in the city of Detroit; written, directed, and brought to life by black trans women themselves. In Episode One, the four friends just try to make it through the day without getting clocked as trans women — or clocking someone else over the head instead.

About Director


Ahya Simone is a Detroit-based harpist, singer, artist, filmmaker, and organizer. She earned her degree from Wayne State University, where she was the principal harpist for the Wayne State University Wind Symphony in 2011. She has performed extensively in Detroit, and internationally in Scotland and Canada. Ahya’s versatile approach to harp and vocal artistry includes classical, jazz, and soul. She is also an emerging filmmaker, and was awarded a Knight Sundance Fellowhip in 2018 for the making of her web-series “Femme Queen Chronicles,” sponsored by the Trans Sistas of Color Project and the Detroit Narrative Agency 2.0.